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Seamless Texture Matching For Your Walls & Ceilings

When your walls and ceilings have uneven or mismatched textures, it can be pretty hard to ignore. Textured walls and ceilings may be better at “disguising” minor damage, but when serious damage occurs and repairs are inevitable, those repairs can end up standing out more than the damage if the texture isn’t matched properly. As drywall repair experts, The Patch Boys make sure this doesn’t happen.

The Patch Boys are experts at texture matching your walls and ceilings so there are zero lines, marks, or shadows left behind after repairs. Our seamless texture matching will update the look and feel of your walls, leaving you with a fresh, clean, and cohesive finish, which can also help increase the value of your home. We can even correct any damage or uneven textures left behind by another service provider.

What is Texture Matching?

“Texture matching” refers to a specialized process or set of techniques used when making repairs to any drywall or ceiling surfaces that do not have a smooth finish. The most common or well-known example of a textured surface is popcorn ceilings. While the specific methods and techniques vary depending on the type of texture, all texture matching work occurs as the final, finishing stage of drywall and ceiling repairs.

Types of Ceiling Texture

When it comes to repairing textured walls and ceilings, experience and expertise matter. For years, The Patch Boys have specialized in texture matching, so we understand how to  repair a multitude of textures, including:

  • Popcorn: Identifiable by its rounded, knob texture that looks like pieces of popcorn. This texture is often a target of homeowners looking to update the look of their ceilings.
  • Orange Peel: Seen in fine, medium, and heavy variations, orange peel has a cracked and wrinkled surface with gentle curves, similar to the skin of an orange.
  • Knockdown: A texture that is applied and then “knocked down” by gently dragging a drywall knife over it to flatten the surface.
  • Slap Brush: Created by dunking a brush in drywall, pressing it to the ceiling, and then pulling it back to create a ridged texture.
  • And more- just ask us! 

Texture matching is difficult for many inexperienced handymen or contractors – let alone homeowners – because it takes time and a lot of practice to understand the differences in drywall and ceiling finishes and how to replicate them. Our skilled Omaha Area technicians bring their experience and familiarity with many types of textures to your job, and we’ll attempt to use the same methods that were used during the original texture application to make our patchwork seamless.

For most of our repair work, our retexturing application process can be done in one visit.

Looking to get rid of textured walls or ceilings instead? The Patch Boys of Greater Omaha also removes popcorn ceiling texture so your ceilings look sleek, modern, and elevated.

The Patch Boys Can Texture Match Your Ceilings

The Patch Boys know how to match any types of ceiling texture. We can handle any job, even the small jobs other contractors can’t or won’t take on. Whether you need texture matching for just one wall, an entire room, or throughout your home, we will get the job done right. We have perfected a texture matching process that’s quick, effective, and leaves you with stunning, seamless results. The Patch Boys takes the time to make sure each and every job is performed flawlessly. After all, if texture matching isn’t done right, there’s no point in doing it at all!

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