About us

The Patch Boys Do What Others Don’t

The Patch Boys was established to provide homeowners a trustworthy, reliable drywall patching service. After spending years in the construction industry, the founders of The Patch Boys noticed that many general contractors, larger construction companies, and the average handyman service wouldn’t typically take on small drywall and ceiling repair jobs. Many homeowners had nowhere to turn for professional, reliable help fixing the various holes, dings, and dents that inevitably occur in their homes. With this knowledge and industry experience, The Patch Boys set out to meet this need and become one of America’s most trusted drywall repair companies.

Over ten years later, we’re still here, providing homeowners with peace of mind and honest, professional drywall patching, repair, and installation services. Our customers choose us time and time again because of our honesty, quality workmanship, and respect for you and your home. We’re proud to offer our community a better plaster, sheetrock, and drywall repair company.

How We Can Help

Tired of looking at unsightly holes, dings, dents, or damage to your drywall, plaster, or sheetrock? The Patch Boys offers a comprehensive set of services that will make those repairs with flawless results. From common causes of drywall and ceiling damage to precise texture matching, we can help your home’s drywall or plaster issues.

Why Choose Us

Drywall and plaster repair is what we do! But that’s not the only reason we’re different. You can trust The Patch Boys’ focus on customer service and high-quality drywall repair. We treat your home like our own.

What Our Customers Say