There are several proven methods to repairing drywall. Some use an old-fashioned approach which may result in a good repair, but leaves quite the mess of dust and debris behind. This method is called dry sanding. It takes more time to accomplish because you need to wait until the drywall compound is completely dry before you’re able to sand. Sanding is what causes dust. And while this method may be OK for empty homes under renovation or new construction, our Orlando Drywall Repair experts would never use this method in an occupied and furnished home.

We know that most repairs are in occupied homes and our goal as professionals is to keep that home as clean as possible during the repair process. This is why we use a method that ensures the repair won’t need to be dry-sanded and keeps your home from becoming a dust bowl. This method is called wet sanding and it is used by only the best in the business. Wet sanding is faster, easier, cleaner and much more efficient than dry sanding. This results in less time in your home and certainly less cleanup after the repair is completed.

Our Drywall Repair Experts wait until the compound is nearly dry and then they use a wet sponge to brush out the imperfections. You can’t have dust if you don’t let it dry! After they’ve brushed out the imperfections, they wait until the compound is totally dry before they shoot the texture. This process completely eliminates the possibility of creating dust. If you’ve ever tried to do a drywall repair in your home the old-fashioned way, you know what a mess it can create. At, we’re all about cleanliness, efficiency, keeping your home free of dust and as clean as we found it.

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