Texture & Finishes

The Seamless Drywall Texture and Finishing Specialist!

Getting the right drywall and installing it in the problem area is only half the battle. The real craftsmanship comes into play when it’s time to texture the walls. Whether you want your walls smooth and even or textured and inviting, the finishing and texturing are what will really make your home look as good as new.

At DrywallRepair.com, we understand that the last step in repairing or installing any wall is the most important. Without finishing, your texture wouldn’t settle right, and your paint would go on unevenly, pooling at the cracks between drywall panels and wearing away much earlier than it’s supposed to. The finishing process is what makes your walls look seamless and your paint stand out.

Once the drywall has been nailed into place, your repair team uses a special compound to fill in the cracks between panels and the holes left from nails and screws. When the compound has dried, a layer of special drywall tape goes over top and in the corners. Then, it’s time to sand and repeat the process. A team of experts knows how to tell when the wall is ready for texturing and finally painting.

The DrywallRepair.com team has an extensive portfolio of drywall finishes for you to choose from, ranging from sleek, modern styles to more traditional textures. Each option can completely transform the tone and atmosphere of your house--as long as it’s done properly. Our expert interior finishers can recommend the best style based on your goals, or we can match it to the texture that’s already in place -- whatever you desire, we can accomplish.

Drywall finishing and texturing can truly make or break the whole job. When you need a new texture or want to make a fixed patch blend in with the rest of the wall, trust the professionals. Our texturing and finishing skills are unmatched in the Orlando area. When you’re ready to knock out your next project, give DrywallRepair.com a call at 407-378-6040 to schedule your free consultation.