Drywall Installation

Quality and Professional Drywall Installation

Whether you’re finishing up an addition to your home, restoring an old cottage for a modern family, or completing a major repair to your walls, hanging and installing your drywall properly is a crucial step in making sure your home looks and feels just the way you want it to. Although many homeowners attempt to tackle the project on their own, drywall installation is really best left to the professionals to achieve a smooth, seamless surface.

Beyond selecting the proper weight and size of drywall, successful installation requires the use of a number of specialized tools and materials throughout the process. As they work through your project, your drywall repair team will take a series of calculated measurements to ensure the drywall will be flush with the rest of the room without damaging the existing structures.

Once the drywall has been measured and set in place, your team of professionals will lay down several layers of drywall mud to help adhere the seams together. After each layer is dry, your professionals will sand it down to make it smooth before they add another one. Once the drywall has been sufficiently mudded, the contractors lay down some drywall tape, and the wall is ready to be textured, primed, and painted.

On the surface, drywall repair may seem fairly cut and dry; but in reality, it takes a practiced hand to make the project go off without a hitch. Here are just a few reasons why you should leave your drywall installation to a team of experts:

  • One mistake can ruin the whole project. Even something as small as not applying enough mud or improper application of drywall tape can cause your project to fail and require expensive, time-consuming repairs down the road. Your drywall repair team has the knowledge and the means to correct any missteps along the way -- and to avoid them in the first place.
  • More time for you to carry about your business. Drywall installation is an extensive and painstaking undertaking, often taking weeks for inexperienced DIY’ers. A team of professionals, like the contractors at New Ceilings, can get the job done with expert swiftness while you avoid the stress and the long hours of labor.
  • The experts come prepared. As we mentioned before, drywall installation requires a great number of specialized tools and materials. When you factor in all of those additional materials, drywall repair can become quite the expensive undertaking. After all is said and done, hiring a team of professionals will save you money.

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